3 Things to Check Before Hiring A Remote Staff

Hiring a remote staff is so useful when you need help toyou’re your hands free so you can focus on strategical work and how to grow your business further. However, it could be a twist that can drain up your time and money if you don’t know how to do it right. Here is three main mistake that you should avoid before hiring a remote staff.

1. Being unsure of the specific tasks to outsource

It’s good to know when you need someone to help you, but it’s even better when you know exactly what you will ask them to do.

When you hire a remote staff, you need to focus on creating specific process for what you want to outsource and ensure that your remote staff understand the process wholly. When you create an efficient process for your remote staff to understand how things work, it will avoid mistakes and misunderstanding.

Furthermore, creating processes will also yourself to make sure I understand exactly what you want to be done and how to do it.

2. Not taking enough time to check the work done

Having found someone with a good qualification for the work you want to outsource is one step done. Ensure that the person is able to do the work that you expected is another thing.

It is very important to check the work that you have outsourced to the remote staff. This especially applies if they are now. After you have been working with your remote staff for over a year, you might already build a trust and you can supervise them less. However, you still need to check the work they put out to ensure that it meets your request and not just blindly trust their work.

3. Forgetting to focus on the ROI of the recruitment

It takes money, time and energy to hire someone to join a team, even if it’s just to outsource basic tasks. Therefore you need to understand why are you hiring a freelance on the first hand.

When you recruit wrong person or did not do a proper induction for the work you want them to outsource, it is a shortcut to losing your investment.

If you realise that the work did not help you, it is better to replace the person with the right candidate or structure the way of work so both you and the remote staff could work efficiently.


Before I hire a remote staff, you need to ensure what task that you want to outsource and create a specific process for the remote staff to understand, including what the expectation for the output.

When you find the remote staff that can help your work, you can focus on the thing you are good at while building the foundations of the business.

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