The Cheapest Way To Send Money To Indonesia

You have found a remote staff that fits the task you will be given in Indonesia. You are also clear that the remote staff from Indonesia that you choose has the ability and skills that are qualified. However, there are other things you should know about how you pay the remote staff’s salary and what the cheapest and easier way to transfer money to remote staff is.

You can check several ways below to send the salary of your remote staff in Indonesia.

Transfer Wise

The cheapest method to send money to Indonesia is to use online cash transfer, Transferwise. This tool is known to be the cheapest way to send money around the world. It avoids global installations in total which are expensive by utilizing two nearby exchanges rather than using an international exchange.

By using Transferwise, you don’t have to pay expensive fees when paying remote staff salaries in Indonesia. For example, to send cash for GBP to Indonesia, you will pay a charge of 0.59 GBP + 0.48% of the total. Furthermore, the process of transferring cash may just take around 1-2 business days.


Another common online cash transfer that people use is Payoneer. It is an online installation supplier that allows you to send and get installments to and from different nations around the globe. It is also known that most of their services are focused on marketplace entrepreneurs, marketplaces, and organizations. In this type of installment, you will get arrangements, money transformations, incorporations, and organization to pay your staff.

You can open a free account on Payoneer and this will be very useful if you are starting a small business. Here are the fees you have to pay when transferring cash using Payoneer.

  • Credit Card : 3%
  • Local Bank Transfer: 1%
  • Electronic Check: 1%


Although Paypal is not the cheapest method to send money, Paypal is still a great option because it is considered safer and easier. By using PayPal you can send money easily, and your staff can also withdraw money more simply and quickly.

You can save more time than using money transfer methods such as Western Union. Paypal has high-security features so many people use it to transact. You can use Paypal for free, but still, pay a fee of 2.5% – 4% depending on the method used. Usually, money transfers will take 2 to 5 business days to process.

Before deciding which method to send money, you can first discuss with your remote staff. Don’t forget to pay your employees’ salaries on time to maintain a good relationship between you and them. Whatever type of payment you choose, make sure you do it correctly and safely to ensure your staff salaries get to the right hands.