How Much You Should Pay Your Remote Workers

If you are a business owner and interested in hiring a virtual assistant, then you should also know how much salary they should receive.

Currently, the term remote staff is increasingly popular and companies are starting to hire staff from any corner of the world, including from Indonesia.

Before deciding how much salary you will give to your staff, you must consider 3 main things which will be explained below!


There are remote staffs who focus only on administrative tasks. There are also remote staffs who have multiple skill sets and are therefore able to do more for their employers. Before deciding the salary amount for employees, the employer can consider whether the skills possessed by the employee are limited to administrative skills or more. Some remote staff has multiple skills so that they can complete various tasks assigned by the employer.

One of the technical skills that must be possessed by a remote staff is Graphic Designing. This skill will be very useful for companies, especially if the company needs logos, social media content, flyers, brochures, and so on.

However, you should not expect that your graphic remote staff can work on full-scale graphics. If you need full-scale graphics, you can entrust the task to the experts. It also applied if you need special programmers, SEO Experts, and others.  Recruit staff with other skills.

To get remote staff as needed, you can post a job at Another more specific skill is content writing. If you need a content writer, then you should choose someone who has content writing skills with a better level of English.

By knowing the specific skills possessed by workers, you can estimate how much salary you have to pay.

Previous work experience

Work experience is also an aspect that you must consider before estimating the amount of employee salary. Many workers are used to being remote staff and have a lot of experience working remotely before. Remote staff who can work with the company for at least one year will be beneficial, especially if you want to grow your business.

You can hire temporary remote staff but it would be better if you hire really qualified staff for the long term. If you hire remote staff who have previous experience working remotely, then you can pay a higher salary. Remember that hiring experienced staff can bring you benefits in the future and in the longer term.

 Specific job descriptions

You probably already know that you will have a lot of work to be done by your staff. Companies will usually hire staff according to their needs and see the specific skills possessed by workers. Specific tasks and the number of hours worked are other things you should consider when considering salary or pay for remote workers.

If the remote staff you hire for a specific job is also experienced, then you also have to pay a higher rate. Usually, remote staff with specific jobs like this are paid around $600-$1000 and up per month, for full-time work. Meanwhile, if you hire them part-time, then you can pay them 50% which is $300-$400 USD per month.

For your information, the starting salary of an Indonesian remote staff is about $400-$600 per month full-time. You can also pay your worker per hour, for example, for simpler jobs such as data entry, for around $2-3/hour full-time.

Paying your remote staff

After knowing how much salary you will give to remote staff, you also have to know their payment system. Some companies will pay their workers monthly or weekly. If it’s your first time hiring remote staff, you can give an initial payment in advance to foster trust and grow initial peace of mind between both of you.

You need to know that hiring remote staff is different from the freelancing system. Here you must strive to form a solid team for a longer period of time. That’s why you have to ensure that the workers can get paid properly and can work with you for a long time. So, don’t forget to consider the things above before deciding how much salary you will give to workers. Also, make sure you choose staff with qualified abilities and can provide work results that meet expectations.

Hope this tips helped and Good luck!