How do Entrepreneurs & Indonesian Remote Employees Benefit Each Other?

Building a solid team is one of the keys to business success. With a great-coordinated team, a business can possibly thrive. In this article, you will find out the advantages of having a good relationship between superiors and remote employee in Indonesia. Here are some benefits of recruiting Indonesian remote employees.

Lower Cost

One of the main reasons business owners recruit and hire employee from Indonesia is because it can cut costs a lot. For example, if you hire a local employee then you have to pay at least $25k-$40k per year. Compare with hiring remote employee from Indonesia with a salary of $3-$5 per hour or around $480-$800 a month, you only need to pay a maximum of $9600 USD per year. It costs a lot less, doesn’t it?

Save Time

Believe it or not, the most valuable thing in this world is time. You can have a lot of money, property, and other things but you always have limited time. By hiring remote employee from Indonesia, you can save more time for your business or for yourself.

Statistical data shows that microentrepreneurs mostly spend 50 hours a week or about 52 weeks working each year. Unfortunately, those 52 weeks are mostly spent on unproductive and clerical activities such as social media posts, admins, and others. In other words, they have no time other than to work. Other times, they need to learn skills that they are not good at to make things work such as building a website or doing graphic design. By hiring remote employee, you can save time and assign less urgent tasks to remote employee. At the end of the day,  you can have more flexible time and do more important things such as strategic planning.

Developing Business

Other than saving time and money, hiring remote employee can also help you grow your business. Instead of just doing something boring, you can do other things that can help you grow your business. While you may initially think you can do everything yourself, you really can’t be an expert on all the tasks. That’s why you hire remote employee according to certain skills, for example, content writer, SEO Expert, web developer, and others.

If you try to do everything yourself, you will not be able to maximize your time and efforts because will end up losing focus.

Building a Remote Team in Indonesia

The goal of building a solid remote employee team in Indonesia is to maximize productivity, manage time and also ensure all tasks are done correctly. Before building a team, make sure you select remote employees with the required skills. Each employee will of course have a certain specialization so that the tasks they do will only focus on one area.

Why are Indonesian workers interested in being a remote employee? What’s in it for them?

The relationship between superiors and remote employees in Indonesia is mutualism or mutual benefit to each other. Not only superiors, remote employee also get many benefits by working with the owner. Here are the reasons many Indonesian workers are interested in becoming remote .

Good salary

Based on our experience working with Indonesian remote employees,  if you pay “$500-$800 per month then it’s a good salary here. Do not compare the salary amount with other countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, or others because the salary range may sound low. Considering that the cost of living in Indonesia is relatively cheap, the salary number is quite great for remote employee in Indonesia.

Flexible Working Hours

Apart from getting a good salary, many Indonesian remote employees like to work with foreign companies due to flexible working hours. Although there are companies that apply certain working hours, for example from 9 am to 5 pm, many companies provide flexible working hours. Most content writers, video editors, web developers, and others work with flexible hours and work can be done anytime.

Tips for Working with Remote Employees in Indonesia –

  • You can start the day with a daily meeting for 5 to 10 minutes to discuss ideas, previous work, and future assignments.
  • Set tasks on any application completed with instructions and deadlines. The employee can work on assignments at any time as long as they submit assignments according to the given deadline.
  • Keep in touch with your employee, for example by asking how they are doing and updating their work every day. You can also check if they are having a particular problem or problem and help solve the problem.

Five Easy Steps to Increase Employee Productivity

  1. If they don’t really productive, you better set expectations in advance.
  2. Make sure they understand your expectation and they can do the task based on what you expect.
  3. If the productivity of your employees drops, it’s better you have a call with them and shares your concerns. Discuss anything with them in order to improve their productivity.
  4. If productivity does not improve, try another call and say your concern very straight and If you’re still not happy, you can find other people to replace you.

Final notes

Working with the remote employee in Indonesia is very fun and easy. You can grow your business by choosing loyal employee with the right skills and ability to understand instructions well. Make sure you build a solid team that can last for a long period of time. This will be better for your business and provide many benefits for both parties.