The Ultimate Checklist For Hiring Indonesian Remote Employee

There are several advantages of hiring remote staff from Indonesia. If you decide to hire remote staff from Indonesia for your business or company, you certainly have to make sure that they can work in accordance with the company’s goals and objectives. Here is a checklist for hiring Indonesia Remote Staff

Inform your expectations of the remote staff

When starting to hire remote staff from Indonesia make sure you tell them your expectations. This is very important to do otherwise you will not get a good experience. Fortunately setting expectations for Indonesia remote staff is quite simple and common sense.

Here are some we suggest you do to make clear how you pay the salary at the start. Whether they are being paid per task, per hour, or per month.

Set minimum output expectations in place for your remote staff from the beginning.

When you hire your remote staff inform them that you will give a trial for one week and they will be hired full-time if they work as well as they claim. Pay them also for the trial first week. This is a good way to cut the good from bad and know if remote staff meet your expectation. Inform them about working hours. Tell them if you require them to work specific hours, e.g 8 am-4 pm EST, or if they can work flexible hours.

 How to Hire and confirm by email

As a supervisor, you must confirm with the remote staff if you choose them as part of the staff via email. In the email, you must also mention the various criteria you expect such as working hours, salary, tasks to be completed, salary payment time, and other important things that you must explain at the beginning. You can also explain to them that workers should be able to send their job updates via Skype or other weekly or daily. Some applications that might be useful to support this task are

  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Asana

The point of sending job updates is to maintain communication between you and the worker. In addition, you can also provide an explanation of the tasks that must be done if they are not familiar with the task.

Delegate tasks to your Indonesian Remote staff right away

The first thing you should explain in the email after telling them you hired them is how they should complete the task. You should explain specifically how they will do the task and write clear instructions. Make sure you explain the technical details of the job. Don’t let your remote workers wonder what to do and end up not being able to meet your expectations.

Of course, you will give assignments that are in accordance with the skills you have as claimed by the workers during the interview. Also, remember that remote staff from Indonesia are not magicians or fortune tellers who can know everything without getting information. They still need help and direction, especially when they first start working.

Don’t overwhelm your Remote Staff

When explaining job descriptions to remote staff, make sure you don’t burden them with tasks that don’t match their skills or job description. If you hire them for general administrative work then focus on delegating the task. Not all remotes have skills in social marketing, programming, copywriting, or others. In other words, you have to make sure that you hire remote staff according to the task you need.

You can check employee profiles first to make sure that their skills match the job desk you need. If you need to check your employee profile, please consult with us at so we can match you with the right candidate.

Take some time to train and guide the Indonesian remote staff and give them clear instructions to do the work.

Another thing that must be considered is maintaining good communication with staff in Indonesia. Therefore you must be able to be contacted easily and at any time. The relationship between superiors and employees is built on trust so there must be communication between the two. You must ensure that communication between you and employees in Indonesia remains open.

This will help you know that the task is done according to the instructions. In addition, by keeping communication smooth, remote staff from Indonesia who is known to be hardworking and loyal can give you results that match or even exceed expectations. In conclusion, building a relationship between you and your employees is an important factor to push forward your business.

Good luck and enjoy