Remote Staff Indonesia: A Step By Step Guide – How To Hire Remote Staff

The purpose of this article is to provide the information you need especially when you decide to employ remote staff in Indonesia. There is a lot of information that you can get out there, especially on the internet but no one is sure that the information is correct.

However, we have experience working with virtual stuff in Indonesia and might help you to know more about outsourcing in Indonesia. What you will learn from this article

Advantages of hiring remote staff in Indonesia?
How much does it cost to hire a Virtual Assistant from Indonesia?
The difference between virtual staff and remote staff in Indonesia.
When should you hire remote staff?
How to recruit remote staff workers in Indonesia?
Why outsourcing in Indonesia?

Advantages of hiring remote staff in Indonesia

There are many reasons why hiring staff in Indonesia could be the best thing you can do to manage your business. After knowing some of the advantages that we share in the following section, we are sure that you will no longer hesitate to hire remote staff from Indonesia.

Save cost

By hiring remote staff in Indonesia, you can save up to 80% compared to hiring employees or contractors locally. Generally, VA remote salaries in Indonesia range from 500 to 1000 dollars per month with 160 hours of work per month depending on their abilities. Even though some Virtual Assistants or remote workers wish for lower or higher salaries according to their abilities, this will still be profitable for you. We get to know this from the data of 200,000 workers in Indonesia who apply as Virtual Assistants in the outsourcing marketplace.

Increase productivity

By hiring remote staff from Indonesia, you can increase your productivity whether you are a small business actor or a large business actor such as Real Estate. You can also save more time so you can do other things. Some of the tasks that can be performed by remote staff include

  • Manage social media accounts
  • Create content
  • Create and share email
  • Make simple designs with the app
  • Answering client’s emails and live chat
  • Data entry or processing

By handing over these tasks to remote staff you can perform other tasks that are much more important, especially if you don’t have much time

Increase Flexibility

Another advantage that you can get from hiring a virtual assistant is that you can be more flexible in doing your job. You don’t have to do repetitive and tedious tasks like creating product lists, answering emails, or taking care of product follow-up shipments. All of these tasks take time, so if you hire a virtual assistant, it will be easier for you to do other tasks.

Helping business growth

No matter you run your own business by yourself or have local staff, you certainly can’t take care of everything. You are also unlikely to master various things that can support the development of your business. That’s why you can hire staff who have certain skills and personalities.

 How much will it cost you to hire an Indonesian Remote Employee

You may be wondering how much it costs to hire remote staff. Here is the salary range for remote staff with some skills and criteria

General Remote Employee (VA): $450-$750/month

  • Content Writer/Article Writer: $450-$750/month
  • SEO Specialist: $500-$1200/month
  • Digital Marketing: $500-$1500/month
  • Graphic Designer: $550-$850/month
  • Video Editor: $450-$750/month
  • Data Entry: $350-$550/month
  • Amazon VA (Amazon remote staff): $450-$750/month
  • Bookkeeper: $400-$700/month
  • Accountant (CPA): $550-$1500/month
  • Customer Service: $500-$700/month
  • Telemarketer: $500-$800/month

We recommend that you pay according to the price range above because we live in Indonesia and know the outsourcing market here. You can also hire part-time staff for 50% of the salary range above. However, you can hire higher or lower-paid staff depending on your needs and skills.

The outsourcing industry in Indonesia continues to grow and grow, especially during the pandemic when many people work full-time online from home. To make sure you get the right skills you should consider competitive payouts. If you pay too low, the staff will always consider a better job opportunity at another company. One important thing you need to know is don’t make a salary decision considering only one aspect. For example, if there is a difference in salary of 160 dollars per month then you might consider giving an extra 40 dollars per week if the people you are hiring have impressive skills and experience.

Difference between Remote staff and Virtual Assistant

As previously mentioned many people don’t understand the difference between Virtual Assistants and remote staff when looking for workers. Here’s the difference between both of them so you can get staff as needed. Remote Staff are workers who can cover various aspects and expertise such as videographers, developers, content creators, video editors, graphic designers, accountants, telemarketers, and others. Finding remote staff is the same as finding employees for your business in your home country. You need to mention the job title when looking for the things you need.

As the name implies, Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant that you have in other countries such as Indonesia. The virtual assistant will help you manage various things including managing your daily schedule, social media posts, research products, admin, and other assistant tasks. The point is Virtual Assistant can help you manage all general work and usually doesn’t require a specific title.

When should you hire remote staff?

The decision to hire a staff is really up to you. Only you can tell if you need more help or not. To help you decide whether to hire remote staff or not, you can answer the following questions. If you answered Yes to every job then maybe you do need a remote staff.

  1. Do you feel that there would be more work done if you had an assistant?
  2. Do you feel like doing something boring and repetitive in your business?
  3. If you give tasks to remote staff, will it make your profit more and you grow faster?
  4. Do you work long hours and don’t even have free time to do other things such as hanging out with your family or enjoying the day?
  5. Do you employ local staff and by employing remote staff from Indonesia can you increase your profits?

If you answer all the questions by saying yes, then you sure need a remote employee to grow your business.