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Quality Pool of Talents

We have hundreds of talents from our database with various skills. The talents have been thoroughly selected to ensure we provide the best service.

Remote Technology Training

We provide information on productivity tools to work remotely with your selected talents and train them. We are always available for queries regarding remote tools and technology

Ongoing Relationship Support

We provide support to both workers and employers to address any remote working and cultural challenges, as well as to ensure healthy and productive remote working relationships.

Timate Remote Talents

Here is a list of full-time remote talents skills that can help you to escalate your business while you concentrate more on doing things you enjoy or focusing on a strategy that brings more advantage to your business.  We are happy to find more talents beyond the listed below to cater your needs (but not limited to).

Virtual Assistant

Calendar management, email correspondence, travel arrangements, appointment scheduling, minute-meeting, online booking, purchasing and so much more! We will help you finding an assistant customized to cater your needs.

Graphic Designer

Create visual concepts to communicate your business ideas that attract customer. Grow your business with the talent that can developing layout and production design advertisements, brochures, magazines, reports and more.

Data Entry & CRM Staff

Entering potential lead data into your CRM, setting up workflows, and making your sales process so much easier. We will make sure that talents are very experienced working with SalesForce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM and other CRM needed.

Digital Marketer

A handy person who can plan and execute digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising that bring your business to the next level.

Market Research and Data

Find or gather important information on the Internet including competitor's pricing, opportunities for a speaking event and relevant blogs to review your products and report on experimental data to boost your product

Copy Editor

Establish a good impression with quality content of your business. Timate Remote can assist you in finding writer quality content that flows smoothly.

Customer Support

Need a friendly yet professional front liner to serve your customers? Timate remote will find you assistants that have been trained to work within Zendesk, Freshdesk, and other popular customer support platforms. Let us help.

Research & Data

Assistance in handling your business research to collect, analyze and report on experimental data so you can concentrate more on creating a plan of action, set project goals, and manage to completion.

Social Media Manager

Talents that assist you in creating content and schedule. You just need to drop the content and they’ll schedule the posts for you. We’ll find you the right talents that fits your social media needs with above expecation results.

Sales and Marketing

We will find you a professional sales and marketing person that creates a plan to gain and retraub clients, promotes your products or services to make it highly desirable by your target market.

talent seeker FAQ

Once the contract is signed, we aim to have a fully trained remote staff in your business within two weeks. This mainly depends on the complexity of your needs and requirements.

Once we understand skill requirements & qualification of talents you need, HR team will now start sourcing the remote staff that perfectly matches for your business. The resume of these endorsed remote staff will then be forwarded to your email for advance review prior to your scheduled interview with the endorsed candidates. You get a chance to review their professional experience, work accomplishments and personal assessment result before conducting an interview facilitated by us.

Once you have made up your mind and finally decided who your hired remote staff will be, we then send you an invoice for your chosen plan via email that you can pay with your Paypal account or direct transfer. A payment confirmation receipt will be sent via email and then we will start working on creating the work credentials for your hired virtual staff such as calling plan, email account and time tracking software that will be sent on your email too. We will then call you for a quick HR Orientation before the initial handoff to ensure a smooth working relationship with your hired remote staff.

Although this doesn’t happen very often, occasionally a worker is not a good fit for our client. When this happens, no problem, just reach out to your project manager to discuss the situation. After learning more of your business requirements, our HR Team will then start finding your perfect pair with ease at the quickest time possible, FREE of Charge if this happen less than 1 month after you hire the worker. 

Once the contract is signed, we will invoice you a service fee that shall be paid in two terms:

1. Before the start of the service;

2. When the service is concluded, including selecting the right candidate, onboarding, and training.

International Bank Transfer, Paypal and Transferwise.

We will provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for you to sign once we agreed upon the service and we understand your needs. 

As we encourage work-life balance, our remote staff observes major Indonesian holidays. Your remote staff will be spending quality time with family and friends on these occasions during the year:

Friday 1st January – New Year’s Day
Friday 12th February – Chinese New Year
Thursday 11th March – The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad 
Friday 12th March – National Public Holiday 
Sunday 14th March – Nyepi, Bali’s Hindu New Year
Friday 2nd April – Good Friday
Sunday 4th April – Easter Sunday
Saturday 1st May – Labour Day
Wednesday 12th May – National Public Holiday 
Thursday 13th May – Idul Fitri & Ascension Day of Jesus Christ
Friday 14th May – Idul Fitri
Monday 17th May – National Public Holiday 
Tuesday 18th May – National Public Holiday 
Wednesday 26th May – Waisak Day
Tuesday 1st June – Pancasila Day
Tuesday 20th July – Eid al-Adha
Tuesday 10th August –Islamic New Year
Tuesday 17th August – Indonesian Independence Day
Tuesday 19th October – Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
Thursday 4th November – Diwali
Friday 24th December – Christmas Eve
Saturday 25th December – Christmas Day
Sunday 26th December – National Public Holiday 
Friday 31st December – New Year’s Eve


The team was extremely helpful throughout the process and was able to offer insights to better help me understanding the process of recruiting remote talents that I need for my growing business.
Owner - Designer Business
I was in strong need of a candidate for my IT business and desperately need someone based in Indonesia as I might want to meet in person sometimes. Timate Remote makes the recruitment process seamless.
Director - IT Company
As I set up a new company here in Indonesia, I was in need of first staffs that I can trust to bring the company forward. So lucky that I found Timate Remote. Now I have my team complete, I am ready to go full force.
Small Business Owner