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Timate remote matches you with trustworthy international clients/companies that are eager to hire highly talented Indonesian remote workers to bring their business to the next level.

We only select  candidates that are suitable for the company’s needs: Talents who are tech-savvy, reliable, available full time, that can provide the best work with zero to very little supervision.


Why Work with Timate Remote?

We actively help you get a remote job on our platform and provide job matching services. You will be paired with possible clients that can benefit from your skills.

We schedule and facilitate interviews between you and our clients.

We will handle your timekeeping, invoicing, overtime, leaves, commissions, bonuses, and any other type of payments.

We guarantee every hour worked with our client will be paid for.

We will train you with productivity tools and software that you help you excel in your work.

We prequalify clients and will act as a mediator in case of disputes.

You are very much a part of the Remote Staff team, and by extension, those of our client’s.

We will assess your skills and experience to help you find the most suitable job for your skills and talents, thus saving you considerable time.


What you can gain by becoming a qualified remote staff

Security and peace of mind as we take care the onboarding process on your behalf

Training on effective remote employee and remote tools and apps

Salary that match your expectation

We negotiate on your behalf for salary and benefits

Our Hiring Process

Job Seeker FAQ

Most of the positions that we offer require at least 1 year full-time work experience.  Some senior roles require more experience. We appreciate those who have solid working experience. 

Yes, at least 1 year of work experience is needed.

If your current skills and competencies are relevant to the position you are applying for, you will be considered for a role you have never done before.

A lot of skills are transferable throughout different positions. Someone who has done general virtual assistant could also be eligible for a job as market research or social media marketing for instance. 

Put as much details as you can when you fill the online registration form. Having all information needed will allow us to paper screen your resume sooner than later.

If your profile matches with the client’s needs, you will be hired as part of the Timate Remote employee. However, you will need to respond to the task given by the clients. We will only administration and paperwork on behalf of clients.

Yes, you will. However, we will keep your CV in case we find clients fits with your skills to further contact you. In case you dont want your CV to be stored in our database, kindly inform us. 

  • Working Laptop or Desktop 
  • Stabile Internet Connection
  • Conducive private room; coworking space or cafe to work.
  • Working Laptop or Desktop 
  • Stabile Internet Connection
  • Conducive private room; coworking space or cafe to work.

Depends on the needs of clients.

If client decides to manage the compliance paperwork directly, you will not be an employee of Timate Remote. You will be hired as an independent contractor by our client.

If client requests us to manage the compliance paperwork on their behalf, you are an employee of Timate Remote.

We value effective work. We believe that working for our clients while you are currently working for another is not sustainable because your time and energy is finite.

We only accept contractors who can commit to a scheduled work of 8 hours a day 5 days a week (full time).

Yes, we will provide you with information about the client but you cannot connect with them directly. You can make decision on whether to accept the offer or not

Yes, you can if you think the job don’t suit you.

It depends on the negotiation with the employer. But most likely the negotiated salary will transferred to your Indonesian bank account or Paypal of Transferwise, whichever you prefer.

This is dependent on the role you are applying for, your background and qualifications.

No. As of the moment, we focus on setting up a long term contract with our contractors and clients. However, we dont close the possibility that in the future we will hire a project based employees.

• Excellent English communications skills
• Commitment to build a long term remote working career
• Competency in what you do
• Proactivity
• Willingness to learn
• Fair market remote employee pay expectations
• Excellent work ethics to be independently productive