Remote Workers in Boosting Company Productivity

In the modern area as technology keep improving, people can work anywhere and the term remote work is becoming more and more popular. Technological developments allow remote work to run smoothly so that people can work wherever and whenever they want.

Remote work is also increasingly popular in developing countries such as Indonesia. With the growing popularity of remote work, more and more people are working from home in Indonesia these recent days. More companies are allowing their employees to work from home.

Today’s businesses and companies also employ many talents and freelancers who come from all corners of the world. Remote working together with virtual offices and co-working spaces has now become a trend and everything can be done only with the help of email, cloud collaborating software, phone, video conferencing, chat, and other supporting technologies. However, the most important thing about remote working is how remote workers can support company productivity. Here’s the answer!

Remote Workers Value Time

As a business owner, you should know that being busy doesn’t always the same as being productive. If you are going to hire remote workers, it’s a good idea to choose those who can work productively and don’t waste time. Most workers just pretend to work and wait for work hours to end.

Meanwhile, many remote workers currently choose to work from home because they feel they can save time efficiently. They don’t have to go to the office which of course spends time on the go. Travel time will certainly be more efficient if used for work or rest.

Remote workers go the extra mile

Remote workers don’t work from home because they can cheat their own sweet shirt working. In fact, by working from home, a person can be more productive than working from the office. They will really appreciate the flexibility provided by the company and will try to prove that the company can rely on them and that hiring them is the best decision they can make.

No small talk and gossip

When someone works remotely or alone, they will have more focus and fewer distractions than working from the office. Usually, office workers often chat with each other and cause noise through small talk or gossip. Chatting can certainly reduce worker productivity and that’s why remote working is the right choice for companies today to get maximum results and profits.

Obtaining top talents with the least effort and time

Due to the limited supply of talent within one country, there are not many talents to be found for a particular job, the HR Department is currently having a hard time finding the right workers for certain tasks. Remote work takes away this problem and now companies can just search for talent from every corner of the world. This will not only save time and costs, but it will bring international opportunities for the companies as well.